5 ways to get inspired before breakfast

8. February 2017
You can find 5 ways to begin your day with energy and in a conscious way prepare for the day ahead in my blog.

Wise Woman 2017 now in the calendar

30. September 2016
It is time to sign up for Wise Woman 2017. The course consists of two modules. The first is in Denmark for three days in March. The second is in Iceland for five days in June. If you sign up with...

Gender synergy

21. October 2015
Read on my blog, the inspiration from Icelandic business women.

Mette Holm

Mette holm

Mette Holm has for years worked with leadership development, strategy and teamwork in private as well as public organisations, among which are health departments. She workd as a coach and consultant from executive level in large Danish and international organisations, as well as in smaller organisations. Her educations are a Masters degree in Biology as well as journalism.

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Next event

19. June 2017 to 23. June 2017
Location: Iceland
Price: 27500
Danish croner, VAT excluded
Description: Module 2 in robust feminine leadership
For me this is a course that is still alive also half a year after and beyond, as it has given me a set of very concrete tools as well as a valuable contribution to my personal journey.
Agnete Gamborg, senior director