Leadership with Grit

Leadership with Grit

Wise woman is a course for women who seeks influence.

This course addresses the courage and strength needed to deal with the circumstances of being in leadership in a masculine environment.

We work with finding the courage, resilience and ways to act to reach dreams and goals out of ordinary tasks.

The keyword is to find the resources within for you to  create the future and see adversity as an opportunity to work - not harder - but smarter to reach your goals.

You will learn tools for ambitious goals and how to get there; you will see your life in a larger perspecitive; you will learn tools for the psychology of courage and resilience; you will learn to stand firm in a gentle way; you will leave the days with high energy; you will have practiced using the tools.

The teachings are in the form of synthesis, analysis, storytelling, practices, contemplation, dialogue, laughter and using the outdoors.

10 Traits for the leader with grit

1/ She makes use of her whole brain and combines right and left hemispheres to spot opportunities and create a clear direction.

2/ She listens to her heart, because she knows that motivation arises from true, deeply felt commitment and care for self and others.

3/ She is part of a strong community of people, who don't pay her lip service, but challenge and support her.

4/ She takes pride in her talents, her ability to step outside of her comfort zone and learn.

5/ She learns from the best in their fields - og won't settle for learning from whomever is around, but seeks out great role models.

6/ Challenges motivates her, uses her strengths and let go of the past.

7/ She communicates loudly and clearly - also and especially when she is against strong headwinds. Then she holds her head high and let her hair fly.

8/ She is conscious about her energy and lets nobody drain it, but moves on with passion.

9/ She is a first mover also on dangerous ground and sets direction for her self and others.

10/ She trusts in her intuitve ideas and doesn't brush them off as weird, but considers them her largest strength.









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Mette Holm

Mette holm

Mette Holm has for years worked with leadership development, strategy and teamwork in private as well as public organisations, among which are health departments. She workd as a coach and consultant from executive level in large Danish and international organisations, as well as in smaller organisations. Her educations are a Masters degree in Biology as well as journalism.

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For me this is a course that is still alive also half a year after and beyond, as it has given me a set of very concrete tools as well as a valuable contribution to my personal journey.
Agnete Gamborg, senior director