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Mette Holm is the company name as well as the name of founder and owner.


Create consciousness about the incredible resources in a human being, and its ability to go for far reached goals, and thus take action on large creations of the mind.

Create high performance teamwork that is a joy for the team members as well as results in high achievements.

Enhance the understanding that we are all part of something larger than ourselves.


Mette Holm

Mette holm

Mette Holm has for years worked with leadership development, strategy and teamwork in private as well as public organisations, among which are health departments. She workd as a coach and consultant from executive level in large Danish and international organisations, as well as in smaller organisations. Her educations are a Masters degree in Biology as well as journalism.

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For me this is a course that is still alive also half a year after and beyond, as it has given me a set of very concrete tools as well as a valuable contribution to my personal journey.
Agnete Gamborg, senior director